5 Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

Waiting for results can be frustrating. Especially when it comes to something as important as your oral health. Fortunately, thanks to recent advancements in dental technology, same-day crowns are now available. They provide a comprehensive restorative solution, and offer distinct advantages over traditional crowns. 

Here are five advantages of same-day crowns that make them an attractive option for handling dental damage. 

No Need for Temporaries 

Unlike the traditional crown procedure, same-day crowns require no temporaries. This means that after one visit to the dentist, you’ll walk out with a permanently placed crown rather than leaving with a temporary bridge until your permanent restoration is ready several weeks later. 

This can reduce a lot of stress as it saves you time, money and any discomfort associated with having uncomfortable temporaries in your mouth. 

Very Precise 

With today’s advanced 3D imaging technology, same-day crowns can be crafted with the utmost precision to match your existing dental structure. This allows for a comfortable and natural feel while providing strength and durability. 

 Moreover, because of this tight fit, you don’t have to worry about debris or bacteria accumulating in any uncomfortable areas or spaces where food or other particles may get stuck.  

Minimally Invasive 

Normally, when a crown is being placed, a portion of the existing tooth needs to be trimmed away. This can weaken the tooth and cause discomfort during placement due to extensive drilling. 

Same-day crowns allow for the preservation of more of your existing tooth because they are custom made with 3D printing technology. 

Precise measurements are taken and used in the construction of the crown, providing a secure and comfortable fit that requires less trimming away from the existing tooth. 

Less Time in the Dentist’s Chair 

Since same-day crowns require only one dental visit instead of two, you’re able to save a considerable amount of time.

The entire process from preparation to placing the crown can be completed in around an hour, meaning you do not have to schedule two appointments and participate in separate visits for procedures that many times would need to be completed during the same day. 

In addition, with same day crowns, there’s no need for temporary crowns that would need to be fitted and monitored during the waiting period between visits. 

Ultimately, this saves you time and money while eliminating any possible follow up appointments or repair trips. 


Over time, your teeth wear and tear and it can be difficult to maintain your dentition. Fortunately, same-day crowns provide a lasting solution. These durable restorations are built to last with strong materials like ceramic or metal alloys that are designed to stand the test of time. 

Same-day crowns also feature high-strength bonding properties, making them reliable in the long run and less likely to chip, stain, and break down over time compared to traditional crowns. 

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