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Meet Dr. Dave & Dr. Kris!

At Blue Water Dental Care, we want our patients to feel like family—so we’ll start by telling you a little about our own! Dr. Dave and Dr. Kris are husband and wife dentists who have been practicing together for the past six years. Their shared belief that the patient experience should always come first has made them sought-after dentists for patients with all dental needs, from routine cleanings to implants, crowns, and TMJ treatments.

Building a culture of elevated care at Blue Water

Each of our team members was hired for their positive attitude and shared belief in delivering an elevated patient experience. We want to make each appointment as simple and enjoyable as possible for you. That includes keeping our office a calm and relaxing place to visit, going above and beyond to help our patients in any way we can, and focusing on the quality of care we provide by truly listening to your needs and ensuring you feel comfortable every step of the way. 

Comprehensive services with the best in tech

Implants, cosmetic procedures, same-day crowns… we do it all. Our advanced tools and technology allow us to deliver virtually every aspect of dental care under one roof. And our doctors’ extensive training and continuing education mean we’re consistently up to date with the latest advancements in the dental field—all with the purpose of delivering the very best results for your smile. 

Smile a little brighter

Whether you’ve put off your twice-yearly preventive care, you’re in dental pain, or you simply want to achieve a straighter or whiter smile, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment and start smiling a little brighter.

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